All requests must be addressed by the Case Manager. Further to an evaluation made during the first meeting with the couple, the Case Manager proceeds to direct the request to the most appropriate professional that may offer the best services, i.e., according to the couple’s needs as described during the evaluation.  To better understand what can bring couples to look for assistance, consult the heading (When to consult). The Couples Clinic also welcomes individuals, whether single or in a couple who are going through relational difficulties.


It is often difficult for a family to discern when they need help and unfortunately, the reflex to seek family consultation is not yet well developed. Nevertheless, a vast array of reasons (family relations) can justify a family’s need for professional help. As well, there may be a need for particular help for your children or teenagers (parent-children relations).  You hesitate and do not know where or with whom to turn to? Contact us to book an appointment with our Case Manager who will better know how to help you.


To experience one or more bereavements is often a difficult stage in life to go through, and it is possible that certain people need specific help. The CTCFO covers diverse needs regarding greiving, i.e., from the loss of a close one to complex bereavements, and through the discovery of a serious disease and all the adjustments that should be addressed. We also offer specialized help, such the mourning of a child, the loss of an intra-uterine child, infertility, etc. The Clinic for Greiving welcomes both individuals and couples and/or families in the process of the greiving. For more information, please contact us.

A passionate
and attentive team

At the CTCFO, you will have access to professionals that are passionate about all the aspects of human relations. Each clinical expert is a member of a professional order, is serious and desires to assist your conjugal, family, and relational health.

In respecting each of our clients experience, our clinical interventions are warm, open and all encompassing.

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For a consultation or if you want more information, call us at our phone number or by e-mail and it will be our pleasure to help you.