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“Open since April 2020, the virtual clinic allows our clients to access consultation services via the web. The virtual clinic allows accessibility to people in remote areas, no loss of time associated with travel, and a flexible appointment schedule. “

Julie J. Brousseau

A passionate, committed and attentive team

At the Outaouais Couples and Family Therapy Center, you have access to professionals passionate about human relations in all its forms. In addition to bringing together technicians who work particularly with families, our clinical experts are members of a professional order, serious and eager to take care of your marital health, your family health, in short, your relational health.

At the CTCFO, relationships are at the heart of our interventions. This is our slogan and our motto. We believe relationships matter a lot in people’s lives, in fact we believe they are fundamental. The human being is a being of relationships, for us it is our passion …

Respecting the experience of each client, our clinical interventions are intended to be warm, open and inclusive.

Our areas of expertise

Psychotherapy and other interventions

In addition to our psychotherapy services, offered by our experienced psychotherapists and psychologists, the CTCFO brings together experienced professionals and technicians who, in turn, offer psychoeducation, psychological education, support, individual intervention, marital and family intervention, rehabilitation and coaching. Here are our main areas of expertise:

Marital relations

While it is possible to “save your marriage”, it is best not to wait until it is too late. By reading the “When to Consult” section, you will see that you are not alone in your situation and will be able to understand the issues that bring couples into therapy.

Family relationships

Families experience many challenges. Some families see their structure change, dissociate, decompose, recompose, etc. Some families have to face major difficulties, such as a disorder or illness of one of its members. If it is difficult for you to discern whether professional help is applicable to your situation, give us a call.

For the individual

For the individual who experiences relationship issues and who wishes to consult alone. For singles who want to understand each other better and / or who are experiencing difficulties with regard to celibacy. For the person who experiences relationship difficulties at work or for any individual having difficulties with the relationship to oneself.

Anxiety, stress and depression

A dysfunctional relationship, marital distress or important situations that happen to the couple greatly influence the level of stress, anxiety and depression of people, as well as family relationships. There is ample evidence that anxiety and depression can be treated with couple and family therapy.

Child care and access rights

A dispute over child custody or the right of access can be very painful. In order to make the best decisions, psychosocial expertise in childcare is often requested, and even required. It allows a complete and impartial assessment of the family situation; all in the best interests of the child.

Faced with incapacity

For caregivers and people with disabilities. We also offer the psychosocial assessment service with a view to the homologation of a mandate in case of incapacity: a reserved act, framed by law 21. ONLY a social worker can carry out a psychosocial assessment with a view to homologation. a mandate of incapacity, the opening of a curatorship or a private tutorship.


Intra-family conflicts, separation, co-parenting, etc., are themes that can lead to painful disagreements. Faced with these situations, we essentially aim for a spirit of collaboration, favoring communication and cooperation to manage decisions that will affect the family and individual states of mind. Mediation is also part of this type of intervention.

Our approach and philosophy

At CTCFO, we value excellence in providing services to couples, families and individuals. The quality of services is of paramount importance. We also value collaboration and team support within our therapists. Our professionals are passionate about marital and family relationships, as well as issues that may have an impact on personal, marital and family relationships. CTCFO professionals are particularly committed to deepening their practice and continuing education. Dynamism, creativity and openness to innovation are highly prioritized values.

At CTCFO we offer a work environment that promotes flexibility, independence and work / life balance for our professionals.

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