Clinic for couples

Any conjugal relationship is called upon to transform itself, to go through different phases and to overcome several trials. Sometimes spouses may feel that they are losing their connection, that conflicts are poisoning their bond and / or over time, their interpretations-perceptions negatively influence their communication. The couple relationship is an important link for every human being, it deserves our full attention. Sometimes turning to an expert is necessary and even beneficial. The couple’s clinic also welcomes individuals, singles or couples who are going through difficult relationship issues.

Clinic for families

It is often difficult for a family to discern when they may need help and unfortunately the reflex to consult as a family is not yet well developed. However, there are a variety of reasons (family relationships) that can justify a family seeking professional help. Perhaps it is your child or teenager who also needs special help? (parent-child relationships) You hesitate and no longer know where to turn? Contact us to make an appointment with the case manager, who will be able to guide you better.

Clinic for mourning

Going through one or more bereavements is often a difficult stage to go through, and some people may need the appropriate help. We deal with the various needs related to bereavement, from the loss of a loved one to the complex bereavement, then, through the discovery of a serious illness and all the adjustments that must be made. We also offer specialized help, such as bereavement in children, loss of an intrauterine child, infertility, etc. The bereavement clinic welcomes individuals as well as couples and / or families in the grieving process. To find out more, contact us.

How do I know that therapy will help me?

Through our range of diversified services and the presence of a multidisciplinary team, we wish to ensure the most complete supervision for couples and families. The professionalism of our various stakeholders makes it possible to properly orient clients according to their needs and if the needs change during the process, clients are then redirected to the appropriate service or another professional in order to meet these new needs.

We want to highlight our specialized services:




The intervention

Psychosocial expertise in childcare

Psychosocial assessment with a view to approving a mandate in the event of incapacity

When to consult?
Marital relations
  • When couples want to save their relationship.
  • When spouses talk about separation and divorce.
  • When there is a loss of interest or emotional disengagement in one of the spouses.
  • When there are conflicts, recurring misunderstandings, blame, criticism …
  • When there is jealousy and / or infidelity.
  • When there are issues of infertility
Family relationships
  • When there is a member struggling with a problem (ADHD, opposition, etc.).
  • When it is difficult to adapt in the context of a blended, single-parent family.
  • When relationships in the family are difficult (father-son, mother-daughter, partner’s child).
When can parents need help?
  • When parents disagree about the education of children.
  • When they have to support their children in the context of divorce / separation.
  • When parents feel overwhelmed or lacking work-family balance.
When can a child need help?
  • When couples are in trouble.
  • When the child experiences the separation of the parents and has to adjust to shared custody.
  • When he is going through difficult mourning (loss, illness, serious illness etc.).
  • When he’s having trouble adjusting (moving, new school, etc.).
When can adolescents need help?
  • When there are difficulties with groups of friends and / or romantic relationships.
  • When there are difficulties with sexuality, questions about homosexuality.
  • When there are difficulties with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc.
  • When there is difficulty with self-esteem, self-confidence, or self-image.
When can people need help?
  • When there are difficulties in entering into a relationship.
  • When there is ambivalence in the face of his marital relationship.
  • When there are issues of infidelity.
  • When there are difficulties with anxiety, stress, depression, etc.
Relationship to loss
  • When there is a loss of a loved one.
  • When there is loss of an intrauterine child / perinatal bereavement and / or infertility issues.
  • When a child goes through the loss of a pet.
  • When an adult must prepare for incapacity issues and / or end-of-life issues.

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