Couple and Family psychotherapy

Psychotherapy with couples and family’s goals are to promote the restoration of positive exchanges and for better relational operation. A rigorous evaluation of the relationship dynamics of couples and families can target the appropriate psychological treatment for relationship problems, depending on the situation, symptoms and other disturbances presented. And then provide the appropriate psychological treatment, to bring significant changes needed to improve their relations. Suffering and distress of couples and families are thereby relieved. It should be noted here that the treatment goes beyond aid to cope with common challenges or council or support report.

Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy with individuals aims to promote the recovery of their psychological well-being, both in cognitive, emotional level and at the behavioral level, and for better staff and / or relational operation. A rigorous evaluation can target the appropriate psychological treatment to individual difficulties, depending on the situation, symptoms and other disturbances presented. And then provide psychological treatment, to bring significant changes for their suffering and distress are thereby relieved.


Coaching is the therapy of the healthy”, – Bernard Hévin and Jane Turner.

Following a specific situation, difficulties encountered after any change, for example, a promotion, termination, separation, moving … although sometimes these events can be destabilizing, people remain healthy psychologically. Unlike therapy, coaching does not respond to psychological suffering but to the need to understand, to grasp the new situation and restore balance. The coach, almost like the mentor, will not be interested in our past history but will help us better analyze the present to prepare for the future and put everything on our side. – Florence Servan-Schreiber (2009)


Psycho-education aims to directly assist people with adjustment difficulties manifested behaviorally in their living environments. Information and education is learning knowledge and specific skills to enhance the independence, health and / or marital or family trade customers. Psycho-education may include, for example on teaching stress management techniques, assertiveness, communication skills or parenting skills techniques.

Conflict Resolution

A conflict occurs when two people are faced with a fairly intense difference of opinion to cause clashes, or even poison their relationship. Interpersonal conflict can occur at school, at work or even family. It awakens in people suffering feelings of fear, hatred or hostility and to face a severe test. Different forms of conflict resolution exist, among others:

  • Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a method to create between people relationships based on empathy, compassion, harmonious cooperation and respect for self and others. It is a communication tool, mainly oral, that may be used to resolve conflicts between two persons or in groups. –Marshall Rosenberg

  •  Conflict resolution

Conflict resolution calls on the parties to manage their differences in everyday life. The goal is to bring the parties to have a good understanding of interpersonal conflicts, their effects on their thoughts, emotions and behaviors

  • Family mediation

Family mediation is a way of resolving conflicts in which an impartial mediator works with partners in the decisions surrounding the separation / divorce and negotiate a fair and viable agreement meets the needs of all family members and subject free and informed consent.

Mediation promotes a spirit of cooperation and displays several advantages. Many professionals may provide mediation services: lawyer or notary counselor, psychologist, marriage and family therapist, social worker, or professional psycho-educators a child protection center and youth. To learn more about mediation:


The procedure differs from psychotherapy in that it aims to support the functioning of a person, a couple or a family, reassuring, providing advice and information relevant to their situation. The intervention puts the focus on the situation experienced by the individual, couple or family in order to maintain and consolidate the gains. The procedure also allows you to make adaptation strategies by targeting strengths and resources within the framework of meetings or regular or ad hoc activities. The scope of practice of the social worker, is the assessment of social functioning of a person in interaction with his environment. This person can be an individual, a couple, a family, a group or community.

Psychological Assesment

Psychological assessment helps to better understand the origin and nature of the problems afflicting the individual, couple or family. Psychological evaluation goes beyond the identification of a symptom presented. It particularly helps to understand how the individual, couple or family has come to develop these symptoms, current patterns or problematic exchanges. Evaluation is necessary for good psychotherapy process.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy aims at evaluating and treating people, by considering human activity and health, in order to increase their autonomy and independence. More specifically, the occupational therapist considers in their evaluation, the physical and mental health problems of the person and their impact on their diverse relationships. The therapist proceeds to implement measures of re-education, re-adaptation, re-habilitation, etc., to reduce the limitations and help people, couples and families to maintain their social implication. The occupational therapist offers a clinical assistance suited to couples in which one or both members have been diagnosed with a disease, chronic pain, of limitations, and to elders.

Nutritional Clinic

The Nutritional Clinic aims at evaluating health issues regarding specific difficulties related to a persons nutrition and diet. The clinical nutritionist develops a nutritional treatment plan adapted to help a person restore and maintain their health. The impact of the Nutritional Clinic can apply to issuses such as : difficulty in accepting ones physical image, difficulties with eating habits, as well as, the impact of the diet of a child living with a disorder such as attention deficit, or other.


The Nurse intervenes in the preservation and restoration of health, in the prevention of disease and in end of life matters. The impact of the Nurse within the CTCFO aims at providing information, promoting health, and preventing social problems for couples, families and groups.