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Our approaches

Les professionnels du CTCFO exploitent diverses approches thérapeutiques afin de vous offrir les services dont vous avez besoin.


Psychotherapy is an act reserved for holders of permits granted by the Order of Psychologists of Quebec. Specific approaches may vary depending on the professional.


Helping relationship therapists offer support and coaching to help people cope with everyday difficulties and develop the resources they need to deal with them.

Social work

Social work aims to establish concrete objectives in order to restore homeostasis in all areas of your life. It's a hands-on approach that examines the various environments in which you operate.


Sexology provides specialized support for the sharing of verified information, prevention and education on the biological, psychological and sociological aspects of sexuality.


Coaching is defined as supporting people in achieving their goals. Our coaches are certified and each have their respective field of expertise. 

Parenting Coaching

The central aim of parenting coaching is to help parents maintain good family harmony by developing concrete strategies for solving the challenges of parenthood.

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