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Our exclusive services

The majority of our services are offered in person, but we also offer virtual consultations on request to accommodate our clients.


Walk-in psychological clinic 

The walk-in service was developed to meet the immediate needs of the population. This consultation service can help you while waiting for longer-term follow-up, or to relieve distress.

Please note: this meeting does not replace the first case management assessment, which remains necessary to access services in the longer term.


Therapeutic follow-ups

After case management, you can begin regular follow-up with your professional. It is common to be followed as a couple with a professional, and individually with another, for example. In the case of families, we often see parents in coaching and their child in social work for example.


Assessment and referral service

The assessment and referral service represents the first needs assessment carried out by our team. The objective of this first meeting is to better understand your issues in order to refer you to the ideal professional for you.

Please note: this appointment is obtained quite quickly, sometimes in the same week as the request was sent. 


Home interventions

Some professionals offer in-home services. If this interests you, simply check with your professional if it is possible. 

We will adapt according to your needs.

Here are the therapeutic services available:

- Therapy;​

- Psychotherapy;

- Social work;

- Coaching;

- Psychosocial intervention.

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