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Centre de thérapie pour couples et familles de l'Outaouais

THE reference for couples and families in Outaouais


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Your relationships are at the heart of our interventions

At the Centre de thérapie pour couples et familles de l'Outaouais, you have access to professionals who are passionate about human relationships in all its forms. In addition to bringing together technicians who work particularly with families, our clinical experts are members of a professional order, serious and eager to take care of your marital health, your family health, in short, your relational health.

At CTCFO, relationships are at the heart of our interventions. This is our slogan and our motto. We believe that relationships mean a lot in people's lives. In fact, we think they are fundamental. The human being is a being of relationships, for us it is our passion…

Respecting the experience of each client, our clinical interventions are intended to be warm, open and inclusive.

Our clinics


Couples clinic

The couple relationship is an important bond for every human being, it deserves all our attention. Sometimes, turning to an expert is necessary and even salutary. The couples clinic also welcomes individuals, singles or couples who are going through difficult relationship issues.


Family Clinic

It is often difficult for a family to discern when they may need help and unfortunately, the reflex to consult as a family is not yet well developed. However, a variety of reasons (family relationships) can justify a family seeking professional help.


Teen clinic

Perhaps it is also your teenager who needs special help? Are you hesitant and no longer know where to turn to improve your parent-child relationship? Contact us to make an appointment with the case manager, who will be able to better guide you.


Children's clinic

Children go through all kinds of challenges and our professionals are equipped to support them through transitions and trials. Children are real emotional sponges, it is important to listen to their psychosocial needs.

Contact us

116, rue Lois, office 201, Gatineau, QC, J8Y 3R7

444, boul. de l'Hôpital, 2nd floor, Gatineau, QC, J8T 7X6


Thank you for your inquiry!

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